Reports: Apple facing fingerprint sensor issues in iPhone 8 production
13 April 2017 14:39 GMT

Apple is facing challenges integrating a fingerprint sensor into a home-screen, industry reports claim.

According to 9to5Mac,  an analyst has said that yields of a new fingerprint sensor that would be integrated into the iPhone 8 screen are low.

Cowen and Company’s Timothy Arcuri said the firm is using an under-glass fingerprint sensor based on Apple’s AuthenTec technology.

However, because building the sensor into the screen is facing low production yields, Apple may change design.

He offers three alternatives. Apple could ditch the fingerprint sensor entirely and rely solely on face recognition for biometric authentication. Arcuri says this is not the most unlikely option as face recognition is novel, new and not developed enough to be the only biometric mechanism.

The company could also decide to use a less-futuristic design where the fingerprint sensor is simply moved to the back of the phone. This has actually been rumored before: it would basically mean the current Touch ID sensor is moved from the front of the device to just below the Apple logo on the back.

Finally, Apple could delay the launch of the phone until it can fix the production problems. There have been several reports about the iPhone 8 launching later than September, so this is not completely unsubstantiated.

The reports come after similar industry rumours that Samsung had planned to implement in-glass sensors but failed to due to technical issues.

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