Dubai police want sunglasses with face recognition
13 April 2017 14:56 GMT

The Dubai police has asked tech companies to provide it with smart-glasses featuring face recognition.

Dubai Police (DP) this week signed three agreements with Papilon, Velours, and Parabon, to deploy facial recognition glasses, a DNA-image database, and indoor mapping technologies that increase efficiency by 90 per cent.

Since 2014, Dubai police have been trying to mod Google Glass with facial recognition for use by their detectives, Reuters reports.

The police have developed software that will connect a Glass wearer to a database of wanted people.

Once the device matches a suspect with a face print in the database, it alerts the officer wearing the gadget.

Phase 1 of the project will be using the devices to fight traffic violations and track vehicles suspected of vehicular offences, a spokesman said in 2014.

Detectives will get their crack at the technology in phase 2 of the rollout.