Iris Corp wants to partner with Zwipe on biometric smartcards
21 April 2017 14:50 GMT

Malaysian biometric and identity firm Iris Corp has revealed plans to partner with Norway's Zwipe for biometric smartcard venture.

Iris co-founder and technical adviser Chas Yap told reporters in Kuala Lumpur this week that the two parties will look at possible ways the two companies can work together to promote the technology in Malaysia.

Iris has been in trusted ID for over 20 years and our facilities are all geared towards trusted ID. Zwipe, on the other hand, is pure payments and they're an IP company as well. We are looking towards a future where we merge finance and ID together," he told a media briefing, reported The Edge.

He said there are some similarities between the manufacturing of the biometric cards and the manufacturing of the components for ID cards and passports, which Iris currently does, but added that Iris will need further investments to upgrade its manufacturing capabilities.

"Principally, we will need to invest in equipment. This is a new form of processing technology, and we need advanced equipment. We might also need to invest in resources, depending on the joint efforts we are going to develop," said Yap.

Zwipe chief executive officer Kim Humborstad said the two parties will look at ways to bring the new technology into the market and potentially expand it beyond Malaysia as well.

"We're both working together in government identification and in the payments area, focusing not only on Malaysia but also other markets as well. As we speak today, we are figuring out the best possible way to take this out to market," said Humborstad.