Alabama official reveals benefits of biometric eID at connect:ID
02 May 2017 22:09 GMT

A senior official from the  Alabama Department of Revenue have revealed details of a biometric eID solution developed with MorphoTrust at the connect:ID 2017 identity tech show.

Brenda Coone, Deputy Commissioner of Revenue, told the conference how the solution is helping to protect taxpayers from tax refund fraud.

“"We want to get out of pay and chase," she told attendees.

The MorphoTrust eID is a digital identity credential, in the form of a mobile app, which allows a user to prove their identity online.

After downloading the app, users’ identities are verified by scanning their physical driver’s license or state-issued ID and taking a selfie using their smartphone. This information is then compared against the data and photo on record in the driver’s license database to certify and authenticate that only the rightful identity holder is able to obtain an eID.

Speaking earlier this year, Bob Eckel, President and CEO, MorphoTrust USA, said about the solution: “The MorphoTrust eID is the only electronic ID, commercially available, that verifies a person’s identity by connecting it back to their photograph and identity record with their state’s motor vehicle agency …“Now more than ever, there is a critical need to create a highly secure online environment using our innovative technology to ensure residents using the MorphoTrust eID can protect their identity and reduce their chance of being a victim of state tax refund theft.”

“By implementing state-of-the-art technologies, like the MorphoTrust eID, the state of Alabama continues to demonstrate that it is doing everything possible to protect our taxpayers from anyone looking to steal their information and use it to file fraudulent state tax returns,” said Alabama Revenue Commissioner Julie P. Magee, Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Revenue. “There are no usernames or passwords; only a person's photo can unlock the eID, making it secure and easy-to-use.’’

Georgia’s revenue department is also testing the solution and also is expected to go live soon, Mark DiFraia, senior director of digital identity at MorphoTrust USA told Bloomberg earlier this moneth. One other state is testing the eID app for use by state agencies other than its revenue department, he said