Chinese store uses gait biometrics for payment
16 June 2017 05:37 GMT

Wheelys, a Stockholm-headquartered crowdfunded startup is developing Moby Store with Hefei University in Shanghai.

The futuristic store collects a shopper’s biometrics—most notably walking gait—as he or she scans the QR code and uses sensors on the shelves to detect removal of items. Shoppers must register ahead of time for an account.

Once an item has been removed, it is linked to the shopper’s ID in the smartphone app to prevent theft, reports MIT Technology Review.

After the shopper has completed payment, the biometric information collected at the door is automatically deleted.

This biometric security system will be installed in the store this summer, and at that point anyone will be able to download the Wheelys 247 app and go shopping at the store.

The Wheelys cofounders decided to test in China rather than Sweden in part because of China’s large population, but even more so because of the country’s near-ubiquitous adoption of paying with your phone.