US base starts issuing biometric access cards
14 July 2017 14:36 GMT

Joint Region Marianas in Guam has began issuing the Defense Biometric Identification System, or DBIDS, card to access the bases. 

The new cards will be issued at no cost to applicants, according to the release.

First-time applicants for installation access will receive a card when access is approved. Contractors who've been issued common access cards won't be required to obtain the new card, the release stated.

The system will streamline with the system used by security personnel at Joint Region Marianas, a release stated. It uses bar codes and biometrics to verify cardholders' authorizations, and assigns access privileges based on identify, affiliation and the current force protection condition. 

Joint Region Marianas hopes the new system, which can scan accurately in less than a second, will reduce traffic volume at peak hours and lessen bottlenecks at access points, the release stated. Joint Region Marianas said possible delays in processing new credentials may occur due to high demand.