Apple's 'iPhone 8' facial recognition could be used for payments
04 August 2017 07:24 GMT

The leaked HomePod firmware code suggests Apple's "iPhone 8" will integrate facial recognition into the Apple Pay process.

Developer Daniel Niyazov has found references to "pearl," thought to be Apple's codename for "iPhone 8's" facial recognition feature.

The developer found "presentation.pearl.field-detect" and "presentation.pearl.pre-arm" code points in a section of the firmware dedicated to Passbook payments and Apple Pay. 

"Pearl.field-detect" suggests a method of recognizing when a user's face is within view of the handset's camera, a feature that might facilitate fast access — "pearl.pre-arm" — to the Apple Pay UI. 

The code does not, however, imply that Apple is planning to rely solely on FaceDetect technology for Apple Pay authentication. 

References to an infrared camera – “pearlInfraredCapture Stream”, which can be used to detect your face even in the dark have also been seen. Reports of Apple using an infrared camera for 3D face scanning in the iPhone 8 have also been seen earlier this month.