11th Border Security 2018 Conference

21-22 February, 2018
Rome, Italy

Following the success of the previous sell-out events, SMi Group’s Border Security Conference returns with its biggest and best agenda to date.

With the migration crisis ongoing throughout the Mediterranean and Europe, Border Security 2018 is at the forefront of planning for nations around the world. The event will bring together international experts to discuss management of border security at a time when mass irregular migration and cross-border terrorism have all nations at high alert.
In addition, with free-movement a critical and divisive focus of Brexit negotiations, as well as a new administration in the White House, the 2018 event is more topical and relevant than ever. With rapid globalisation impacting every continent, added pressures to borders around the world need addressing. Border Security 2018 will provide a platform for leading representatives of industry and government to discuss the political and technological solutions being utilised to secure national borders.