IDEX unveils matcher algorithm
08 August 2017 16:34 GMT

IDEX has introduced a new proprietary matcher algorithm for next generation biometric cards.

According to the company, the patented algorithm was designed to deliver a step-function improvement in performance for applications with acute power, processing and memory limitations.

“We are proud to introduce our new, patented matcher specifically designed for biometric card applications,” says Hemant Mardia, CEO, IDEX. Building on the algorithm IDEX acquired in late 2014, the matcher represents the product of nearly two decades of combined development and optimisation. Although many matching algorithms exist for mobile phones, these matchers rely on the substantial power and processing available in handset applications. These resources are extremely limited in card applications, requiring a matching algorithm to be highly efficient. IDEX's new matcher is ultra-compact and delivers excellent performance in user testing. Combined with our flexible off-chip fingerprint sensor, IDEX is able to offer a complete turn-key system solution for biometric cards.”

IDEX says that its advanced matcher is designed for real world usability in card and IoT applications. The matcher is rotation insensitive and accepts partial touches. Combined with IDEX’s sensors it provides a complete system solution. IDEX reports that the solution has completed user testing with a False Rejection Rate (FRR) at 1:50,000 False Acceptance Rate (FRR). The company adds that the algorithm’s efficient code and template size allow fast image processing, delivering a reliable, secure and seamless user experience.

IDEX has also recently launched a low power fingerprint sensor for use in contactless cards applications and standard NFC terminals. The company expects to market this sensor in combination with its advanced new matcher algorithm to customers during the second half of 2017.