President launches Liberia’s ePassports
10 August 2017 13:40 GMT

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has officially launched the Liberian ePassport booklet,.

The official launch took place at the Bureau of Passport and Visas, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The government had suspended the issuance of passports to new applicants and individuals applying for passports on Tuesday, August 1, as they prepared to begin the issuance.

The new ePassport booklet comes with advanced technology which will no longer have a 2D barcode but rather a RFID microprocessor chip implanted into the book without the ability of detecting it physically with the eyes or touch of the hand. The e-Passport will hold all ten fingerprints in addition to the facial image of the holder on the RFID microprocessor chip.

In addition to all the modern electronic security, the physical security features of the new Liberian ePassport booklet has been upgraded. The improved security and aesthetic design has indigenous Liberian heritage symbols, from Liberian wildlife (pigmy hippopotamus, zebra antelopes) to Kissi coins and symbolic buildings, representations of both terrestrial landmarks and modern Liberia.

The PKI infrastructure of ePassports means that Liberia is an upgraded member of the ICAO PKI Agreement which updates all member countries, and certifies that genuine e-Passports are issued to their citizens.