Miyoshi working with NEC on face recognition surveillance
18 August 2017 12:08 GMT

Singaporean tech firm Miyoshi has revealed plans to work with Japanese company NEC on advanced face recognition surveillance products and wearables.

In a statement, the former firm said the the two companies will jointly market a face-recognition surveillance related product in Singapore, Malaysia and other Asia Pacific regions. 

The two companies are jointly launching a new line of products and solutions, which will consist of integrating NEC’s NeoFace Watch, a real-time facial recognition solution, into Miyoshi’s wireless audio/video wearable solution.

The solution, which is trademarked as the Digital SRS, is described as a low latency body-worn video/audio server/transmitter, COFDM streamer and COTS camera, with a personal ruggedized lithium battery on a Molle vest.

The company said this combination of Miyoshi and NEC solution allows security officers on the ground instant analysis of what they see, enabling them to provide actionable intelligence to commanders.

NEC’s NeoFace generates real-time alerts when matching faces against a watchlist of individuals, thereby quickly finding a match for a person of interest.

Sin Kwong Wah, Andrew, Chief Executive Officer of Miyoshi, comments, “The partnership between NEC and Miyoshi brings together two companies with leading edge technologies. NEC has the world’s best facial recognition software, being the number one in both the accuracy and speed of recognition. Miyoshi has one of the most reliable body-worn system with the ability to transmit digital HD video on high uptime proprietary wireless encrypted channel.”

Lim Kok Quee, Managing Director and Deputy CEO (ASEAN Sub-Region) of NEC Asia Pacific, comments, “The integration of NEC’s cutting-edge facial recognition solution with Miyoshi’s SRS will be one of the most powerful and competitive public safety surveillance solutions in the market today for law enforcements and border security. We look forward to greater collaborative opportunities in the markets that we operate in.”

Michael Ng, VP of Miyoshi Optoelectronics (S) Pte Ltd, comments, “Working with NEC’s facial recognition software adds the dimension of human identity to our live feeds and can be location-based.    In this era of seamless transportation exploited by terrorists and criminals, our body worn camera sharpens operational readiness in homeland security, border control and law enforcement, especially at the times of heightened anti-terrorism needs.

Sin Kwong Wah, Andrew, Chief Executive Officer of Miyoshi Limited, further comments, “We are glad that the Miyoshi technology will be incorporated into NEC’s NeoFace Watch Solution. Given NEC’s leading position in this segment, the combined efforts in marketing will bring great synergies for product development, market expansion and penetration to both companies. The digital wearable incorporates cutting-edge technology and is the best solution of this kind in the region.”