Barclays links Siri payments and biometrics
21 August 2017 14:23 GMT

Britain's Barclays has become the first bank in the UK to let customers make payments by simply asking Siri and following up with fingerprint authentication.

Customers can can just say, “Hey Siri! Pay [Sarah] 20 pounds with Barclays” you don’t need to open up the app and fill in the details, rely on Siri and use Touch ID to authenticate the payment.

Barclays would be the first high street bank who offers payments via Apple’s voice assistant Siri, which allows customers to make payments using their voice and Barclays Mobile Banking App.

Barclays said it will help customers with impairments like dexterity to make payments more easily on their mobile phones. It will help others users equally by making the payment process so easy.

The Siri integration with Barclays Mobile Banking app would remove the steps taken to make payment to someone and make it quick and easy. Users do not need to open the BMB app, when they say, “Hey Siri Pay John 10 pounds with Barclays” the mobile app gets activated to perform the task without needing to log in. The next step is to review and authenticate payment with fingerprint ID and that’s it.