IriTech to showcase iris camera system for PCs
29 August 2017 13:57 GMT

Iris authentication firm IriTech has developed an iris camera system for PCs called IriVault.

In a statement, the firm said IriVault is a compact and lightweight camera with the size of less than 3.5 inches to be connected externally (as an encased product) or internally (as an OEM module) to a PC to provide real-time iris identification for various applications such as desktop sign-in without passwords, single sign-on, online payment, email/file/folder encryption and decryption. 

IriVault is powered by IriTech’s top-notch iris recognition algorithm, which the company notes is resilient to various ambient lighting conditions and eye glasses.  IriVault supports side-gazing of up to 25 degrees left/right and up/down at a stand-off distance between30~40cm (12 ~ 16 inches), which is a natural distance range for most users working with PC.

IriTech has been discussing with several PC manufacturers to integrate IriVault into laptop PCs. This product is again a proof of non-stop efforts of IriTech team in turning industry challenge to real opportunity in order to make iris recognition to be more accessible to end-users.