UK consumers would welcome in-store biometric payments
22 September 2017 12:21 GMT

A survey of consumers in the UK has found that almost two thirds would be open to the concept of paying for goods with biometric authentication.

The Worldpay Consumer Behaviour and Payments Report found that 63% of UK consumers want to be able to use a biometric scan to authorise payments in-store.

While the majority (69%) of consumers say they would be open to using a finger, respondents are also beginning to come around to the idea of using their face (24%), iris (33%), and voice (18%) to identify themselves at the point of sale.

James Frost, UK chief marketing officer at Worldpay, said: “As biometric identification increasingly becomes a standard across smartphone devices, the combination of these two technologies is starting to win the battle for hearts and minds when it comes to simplicity, convenience, and seamlessness across all channels.”

In addition, the survey revealed that technologies like mobile point of sale devices, which help cut queues by allowing sales staff to take payments directly on the shop floor from a tablet device, are popular among consumers. However, only 31% have seen these devices being used.

Frost added: “Stores need to find a way to reconnect with consumers. That means deploying technologies which remove bottle-necks, particularly at the point of sale, and freeing staff to get out from behind the till and talk to customers on the shop floor. Retailers that will flourish will be those that strike a balance between personalised service, and seamless convenience.”