Welcome to the Biometric Standards Focus Area of Planet Biometrics!  I am very happy to have been asked to serve as the editor of this area of the website and look forward to bringing you the latest in standards news and information.

We’ve kicked off the page with a “Getting Started” tutorial, some (we hope) useful links, a guest article, and some news from the world of biometric standards.  As we go forward, our goal is to keep you informed about standards activities and events, the availability and status of various standards, as well as adoption and conformance to them. 

Our first contributed article is from Brad Wing of NIST, highlighting the work being done to update the ANSI/NIST standard used worldwide in law enforcement and civil biometric systems.  Expect other articles like this highlighting the use of biometric standards in ePassports and the Indian UID program.

I also hope to give you regular reports from the ISO biometric standards meetings and let you know about new standards as they are published.

Contributions and suggestions from readers are also encouraged – I will try to consider your inputs and improve the content accordingly!

Again, welcome.

Cathy. Tilton
VP, Standards & Technology, Daon, USA