New patent for personalised ads unlocked by biometrics
31 May 2011 17:47 GMT

Unlock your personal ad using your finger

Ceelox has been issued a patent that describes the ability for associating message content with a media element, such as an advertisement, sending the message to a designated recipient, and presenting the media content only after the "unwrapping" of the message through the use of biometric authentication

The U.S. Patent Office issued Ceelox U.S. Patent Number 7,945,520 entitled "System and Method for Secure and/or Interactive Dissemination of Information".

The issued patent adds a new dimension to online advertising and marketing, allowing advertisers to encrypt unique messages inside electronic images or "wrappers" such as online ads, photographs or artwork, video files, instant messages, and MP3 files. The message is secure; can be delivered via email or through Websites; and gives a user the power to decrypt hidden messages or create their own.