Samsung partners with Reuters on biometric authentication
17 November 2017 14:36 GMT

Tech firm Samsung is partnering with Reuters on biometric authentication for the latter's web services and mobile apps.

Thomson Reuters will implement Samsung SDS Nexsign, a FIDO certified biometric authentication solution, into several of Thomson Reuters mobile and web-based news solutions.

The companies successfully completed a PoC earlier this year and Thomson Reuters is now deploying Nexsign into production across additional applications in their portfolio.

While the PoC activities focused on regional mobile and web-based applications, Thomson Reuters will now begin to integrate biometric authentication capabilities into some of its flagship products. With this implementation, end users will be able to minimize the use of passwords by enrolling their biometrics, which will improve the user experience and enhance security.

This implementation builds on the long-standing partnership between Samsung and Thomson Reuters. The company has also enabled several of their mobile applications with Samsung Knox, defense-grade security platform.

“Samsung SDS America is excited to collaborate with Thomson Reuters to enable their applications with biometric authentication to help improve the customer experience, increase security and add a competitive edge to Thomson Reuters solutions,” said Richard Lobovsky, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Samsung SDS America. “Our global partnership continues to grow with the deployment of our biometric authentication platform, providing end-to-end services from hardware to software to services, across Thomson Reuters application portfolio.”

Samsung SDS Nexsign is a FIDO certified biometric authentication platform that allows end users to authenticate their identity by using biometric information such as a fingerprint, face or voice recognition.

“Thomson Reuters partnership with Samsung SDS Nexsign underlines our commitment to quickly apply emerging technology to drive intuitive customer experiences and robust security across our products and platforms,” said Tony Kinnear, Managing Director, ASEAN & North Asia of Thomson Reuters. “We are particularly excited about the role biometric authentication will play to both of these ends.”