Australia Post adds face recognition to digital ID solution
28 November 2017 17:07 GMT

Australia Post, which provides the country's digital identity services, has added a face recognition capability to its digital ID solution.

At a demonstration in Sydney on Tuesday, Australia Post’s general manager for DigitaliD and trusted eCommerce solutions, Cameron Gough, rolled a screen capture video of how the new iPhone X can prompt people to either use or sign-up for Digital iD when identity verification is required.

As was reported in The Mandarin, the service will use secure selfies for eGovernment facilities, offering identity assurance and verification — those where photo ID is now physically required — by cross checking facial scans with the Commonwealth’s new Facial Verification Service (FVS).

The FVS is slated to commence in 2018 and will be able to do one-to-one face matches across passports, driver’s licences, citizenship, visa or other authorised government biometric facial photographic records.

Australia Post has already signed a memorandum of understanding with the Digital Transformation Agency to make DigitaliD part of the federal government’s Trusted Identity Framework.