Canberra Airport to trial next generation SmartGates
29 November 2017 15:55 GMT

Australia's Canberra Airport is set to trial next generation "contactless" biometric SmartGates. 

Four new SmartGate machines will be trialled at the international arrivals area in Canberra, using biometric facial scans to identify passengers, rather than physical passport checks.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said Canberra Airport was at the forefront of innovation in border security.

"We need to embrace the world's best technology and that's what we are doing here in Canberra.

"The SmartGates will allow, in time, people to walk through them with their passport in the pocket but without having to present it."

Initially the new SmartGates will operate in ‘contact’ mode where travellers will insert their passport for processing.

Later, the Canberra gates will be switched to ‘contactless’ mode, enabling an increasing number of incoming passengers to pass through the airport without having to produce their passport, with the new technology using biometric facial authentication.

After the Canberra trial, 105 new SmartGates will be rolled out across Australia’s international airports through 2018-19.

Each year an average of 40 million people are cleared through the border at Australian international airports and this number is expected to rise to 50 million in the next few years. The new generation SmartGates will make travelling easier, processing individuals in and out of Australia in about 20 seconds.