UK govt seeks advice from suppliers on strategic biometrics
04 December 2017 16:54 GMT

Britain’s Home Office plans to detail its procurement approach for a Home Office Biometrics (HOB) Strategic Central and Bureau Platform (SCBP) project.

The information will be revealed in preparation for a major procurement notice to be issued in the New Year.

The HOB programme focuses on ensuring continuation and enhancement of the Home Office's national biometric services. These manage unique, digitised and biometrically verified identities. The biometric modes currently employed are fingerprint, face & DNA, as was reported by Government Computing.

This contract, for which no value has currently been named, corresponds to the SCBP which is a key component of HOB. The SCBP project is intended to deliver continued Central & Bureau capability elements of the existing IABS (immigration & borders) and IDENT1 (law enforcement) systems.

The SCBP’s procurement aims to cover the provision of core components of the existing IABS and IDENT1 biometric systems after disaggregation of the matcher/mobile/bureau applications.

The Home Office wants to hold the supplier engagement event prior to releasing the OJEU Contract Notice for the procurement of the future SCBP. The event is due to be held on December 12 in London.

The objectives for the engagement exercise are to:

Give suppliers a view of the HOB Programme's high level requirements and technical approach for delivery of SCBP.
Describe the commercial approach and outline of the procurement timeline.
Solicit feedback on how the approach may be refined to allow alternative or innovative approaches to SCBP delivery.

Registrations for the engagement event close on December 6 with the

OJEU notice for the SCBP procurement expected to be issued in the beginning of 2018.