Intel demos 5G facial-recognition payment tech
06 December 2017 16:57 GMT

Chipmaker Intel has revealed how 5G mobile internet can enable facial-recognition payments.

Such "pay via face identification" technology could allow consumers to make payments for entertainment and retail services using Intel's Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) 5G solution along with advanced facial-recognition technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

"MEC and facial recognition systems used in smart retail can complete the payment authentication process within 0.03 seconds," Intel said.

"This reduces the risk of personal information leakage and credit card fraud. Facial recognition is expected to be introduced to a variety of industries as the means of payment authentication, without the need of cash or credit cards."

Intel and Foxconn used Asia Pacific Telecom's mobile network for the demonstrations.

"Wireless cameras can connect to the internet via small cell radio access nodes offered by Asia Pacific Telecom and transmit the captured image to the facial-recognition engine to be processed on the local MEC platform," Foxconn Technology Group corporate executive VP and Asia Pacific Telecom chair Fang-Ming Lu said.

"The low-latency, high-speed computing and assessment capability allows the system to deliver the computing result in real time to achieve premium customer experience."

According to Intel, the MEC solution involves servers being installed at various locations, which are then monitored and managed via a centralised MEC Controller. Wired and wireless network access options are supported, which Intel said ensures flexibility.