Burger resturaunt takes face recognition orders
20 December 2017 16:39 GMT

US burger chain Caliburger has launched a new point-of-sale system that lets customers order using facial recognition technology.

The burger chain and the NEC Corporation of America, which made the machines' artificial intelligence technology, unveiled the self-ordering kiosks on Tuesday. 

Customers use the new kiosk by creating an loyalty account with CaliBurger, linking their faces to past orders. Then, when they return to the burger chain, they simply need to look into the machine's camera — and their orders will automatically pop up.

Currently, CaliBurger is testing the kiosk at a single location in Pasadena, California. If all goes well, the chain plans to roll out the self-ordering, face-recognizing kiosk at all locations in 2018. 

"Our goal for 2018 is to replace credit card swipes with face-based payments," Cali Group CEP John Miller said in a statement. "Facial recognition is part of our broader strategy to enable the restaurant and retail industries to provide the same kinds of benefits and conveniences in the built world that customers experience with retailers like Amazon in the digital world." 

CaliBurger has made waves with its focus on using robots for jobs typically reserved for humans. The chain uses an robot to flip burgers in the kitchen and is developing infrastructure to replace food deliverers with autonomous vehicles.