ImageWare Systems enhances GoVerifyID products
27 December 2017 14:52 GMT

announces the availability of major enhancements to its GoVerifyID mobile app, GoMobile Interactive (GMI) cloud platform, and GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite products.  These product updates build upon ImageWare’s patented, ultra-scalable, and adaptable biometric authentication systems to provide even broader end-to-end solutions.   

ImageWare has extended the authentication methods that are available in the GoVerifyID mobile app and GoMobile Interactive cloud service to give users and organizations even more choices, while further increasing convenience, identity assurance, and security.  GoVerifyID now provides palm image recognition using the latest FUJITSU Matching Algorithm as an authentication option along with face, voice, and fingerprint recognition.  Additionally, ImageWare now offers an optional 6-digit secret PIN as an alternate, non-biometric authentication method.

ImageWare has extended the GoVerifyID integration with enterprise ecosystems for both Microsoft and IBM environments. ImageWare introduced a new Credential Provider for GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite for Windows. This provides additional security features for Windows computers, including support for Windows Biometric Framework compatible devices.  GoVerifyID for IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) was also recently released to provide turnkey integration similar to the end-to-end GoVerifyID solutions for CA, SAP, and Aruba systems.

“As part of our continued commitment to help organizations secure their business and simplify user experience, we have released our newest versions of the GoVerifyID family of products” said Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO of ImageWare.  “By increasing the number of options for biometric and non-biometric authentication methods, ImageWare gives users and organizations the ultimate in choice, flexibility, user assurance, and security.”

“Using our new FUJITSU Matching Algorithm for palm image recognition on your mobile phone along with a secret PIN provides the preeminent ‘what you have,’ ‘what you know,’ and ‘what you are’ multi-factor authentication solution.  We provide this GoVerifyID technology as part of FUJITSU Biometrics-as-a-Service™” said Jason Bradlee, Head of Security for Americas region, Fujitsu America, Inc. “Our studies have shown that often people prefer to submit an image of their palm rather than taking a selfie, as it is less obtrusive and more private.”