SmartMetric And Protec ink deal
29 December 2017 14:01 GMT

SmartMetric, a developer of biometric credit and access cards has entered into an agreement with Protec Secure Card(“PSC”) headquartered in New Jersey. 

The agreement appoints PSC as the National Distributor for SmartMetric's Biometric Security Cards within the USA.

SmartMetric has created a miniature biometric fingerprint scanner that fits inside credit cards and security cards providing high level biometric security for chip based credit cards,  enterprise and government cyber security and access control cards. 

The intellectual property of the SmartMetric biometric card is protected by five (5) recently “issued” patents.

PSC is an established Visa, MasterCard and Discover certified credit card manufacturer that specializes in advanced high-quality credit card production for card issuing Banks in the United States along with Central and Latin America.