Goode Intelligence makes 2018 biometric industry predictions
03 January 2018 16:13 GMT

Biometric industry consultancy Goode Intelligence has highlighted upcoming trends for this year.

In a blog post, the firm wrote that it believes that after four stellar years of growth for the biometrics industry, 2018 may well be a year when the industry pauses to catch its breath, as “a brief plateau to enable the industry to iron out some of its wrinkles”.

“It is, after all, common for an emerging area of technology to encounter a temporary dip in its growth as excessive expectations are tempered by the realities of immature systems”, wrote GI.

The company noted common problems it witnesses as an advisor to vendors and customers include a lack of standardisation, problems with enrolment and verification of biometric information (unattended biometric enrolment) and poor liveness and spoof detection.

There are also issues with choosing the most appropriate biometric modality, securing biometric data outside of secure hardware, and how to move a biometric pilot or proof-of-concept (POC) into a full-scale deployment.

GI says that to help overcome some of the common problems associated with a stalled project or pilot, it use a biometric assessment tool at GI that was first developed in 2015 as a result of research into our ‘Biometrics for Financial Services’ series of analyst reports.

The Goode Intelligence Biometric System Assessment (BSA) tool is based on four interlocking parts, biometric performance, usability, regulation and security and has been successfully used by our clients, many in the financial services industry, to ensure that the most appropriate biometric system and architecture is chosen.

To read the full set of predictions, see here.


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