Gentex and Fingerprint to cooperate on in-vehicle iris authentication
11 January 2018 15:02 GMT

Gentex and Swedish biometric firm Fingerprint have announced an exclusive partnership agreement to bring iris-scanning technology to the automotive industry.

Automakers are keen to integrate biometric-based driver authentication into vehicles in order to improve vehicle security, cabin personalization, and securely authorize in-vehicle payments, home automation control, and additional cloud-based services.

“Collaboration is key within the automotive ecosystem, and as a leading provider of smart mirrors and automotive electronics, Gentex brings an unmatched platform and vehicle real estate through which we can deploy our ActiveIRIS® technology. Together, we aim to advance the market for vehicle-integrated biometrics systems that authenticate the driver and deliver custom security, comfort and convenience features. We see a great opportunity for multimode biometry, both locally and in the cloud,” says Christian Fredrikson, president and chief executive officer at Fingerprints.

Locating the iris authentication system in or around the mirror would allow auto manufacturers to offer the solution in varying vehicle trim packages, without requiring substantial redesign of the vehicle’s interior.