Gradiant to reveal biometric signature technology
12 January 2018 15:14 GMT

Biometric firm Gradiant plans to unveil new biometric solutions for digital on boarding and KYC processes, and biometric login on mobile devices.

During CES 2018 Gradiant will be presenting new biometric solutions including Gradiant Signer, secure access and signature for documents, faceIDNN, featuring a Deep Learning-based face recognition engine suitable for digital on boarding and KYC processes; and selfie&sign, a face recognition solution for biometric login in mobile devices, featuring an anti-spoofing mechanism based on simultaneous signature verification.

For Gradiant Signer, a user is authenticated via Samsung Pass to get access to a confidential document and sign it with S-Pen anywhere and anytime in a secure and reliable way, since user’s signature is verified through Gradiant’ DSV technology.

The combined product thus comprises three complementary security layers: on the one hand, the physical biometric recognition of the user (iris and / or fingerprint) and the electronic signature, both powered by Samsung Pass; on the other hand, the biometric handwritten signature recognition, powered by Gradiant’ DSV technology.

In addition to Gradiant Signer, faceIDNN verifies a user’s identity by comparing the face with the photograph in his/her ID, driver's license or passport. Using both images, the verification techniques developed by Gradiant verify in real time if they belong to the same person.

Likewise, selfie&sign is a secure and easy-to-use solution for mobile biometric login. This face biometric recognition solution incorporates an advanced mechanism to avoid spoofing based on the simultaneous verification of the user's handwritten signature.