ING deploys voice biometrics banking app
15 January 2018 19:30 GMT

Dutch bank ING has launched a voice biometrics-enabled banking app in Australia.

Australian banking customers can now request their bank balances by asking Siri. 

The newest feature from ING — which has more than 1.2 million customers nationally — is the first of many more voice-activation services set to become available to customers.

ING’s head of digital innovation Chris Barwick said the technology is a milestone for consumers as it brings them closer to making voice-activated transactional banking a reality.

“All customers have to do is to ask what is their balance or how much do I have in my Orange Everyday (transaction) account,’’ he said.

“It will display on the screen the balances of the accounts that the customer has asked for.”

And a majority of ING customers (69 per cent) said they would be likely to use these types of voice-activated services to perform their daily banking tasks as they become available.


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