Nvidia developing face recognition cameras
16 February 2018 15:33 GMT

Tech firm Nvidia  has partnered with AI developer AnyVision to create facial recognition technology for "smart cities" around the world.

According to Mashable, the two companies will work to install automatic facial recognition into CCTV (closed-circuit television) surveillance cameras. 

AnyVision claims the technology enables cameras that can continuously scan for faces 24/7, automatically identifying and tracking individuals within a large crowd with 99% accuracy. Algorithms working with human monitors can then compare the faces identified against a database of known terrorists or criminals.

The company also says it's committed to protecting the personal data that CCTV cameras collect. 

AnyVision's technology is also scalable across all platforms — it can be used on tablets and phones as well as computers. It allows operators to add suspects to a centralized database while on the go, and can receive notifications when they're nearing a person of interest.  

This initiative is part of Nvidia's Metropolis program, through which Nvidia partners with companies around the world to develop AI-powered surveillance technology for cities to, one day, implement. Its current partners include Cisco, Genetec, Omni AI, and MotionLoft.