SmilePass launches biometrics service to fight cybercrime
22 February 2018 16:39 GMT

‘Biometrics authentication as a service’ provider SmilePass is launching a deep-learning and face-matching solution targeting cybercrime.

In a statement, the firm said SmilePass is equipped to provide two-way validation right across the entire customer lifecycle - from one-off interactions like verifying the owner of a music festival ticket, to longer-term interactions like the relationship between an insurer and policyholder over years.

The business will offer its authentication service in three tiers, to reflect the varying security needs of organisations:

While SmileCheck is described as a fast, low-cost option with geo-tracking, SmileSafe is for  unsupervised verifications where ‘spoofing’ is a concern - like ID verification, staff monitoring, financial transaction approvals and insurance claims

SmileSafe, meanwhile, also features same anti-spoofing technology and deep learning biometrics but supplemented by a secure passport-based registration process. Best for verifications like remote know-your-customer (KYC), or securing transactions where the risk of fraud is high

Grant Crow, CEO of SmilePass explained: “As we leave the analogue world behind, cybercrime will become one of the greatest threats of our time. For UK businesses alone, cybercrime is a £30bn threat that is growing by the day. After years spent understanding the potential, and current weaknesses, of biometric authentication, we’re confident that SmilePass is a robust solution equipped to protect businesses and their customers from social engineering and fraud - and help biometric security reach its full potential in the process.”