Fujitsu wins major Home Office biometrics contract
02 March 2018 13:44 GMT

Japanese tech firm Fujitsu has secured a $38.6 million UK Home Office biometrics contract.

According to contract documents, Fujitsu Services Limited is has been chosen for the position of a Matcher Service Supplier (MSS) has been selected to provide the Matcher Service Platform(MSP) and associated Services:

The Matcher Service Platform includes a Service Bus, Biometric Workflow, Service interface, integration of Matching Engine Software and infrastructure platform.

 Around £6m of the contract is likely to be subcontracted.

According to the procurement documents, there are two distinct parts to the BMPS:

(i) A technology platform and Biometric Matcher Service Bus provided by the Matcher Service Supplier (MSS); and

(ii) Biometric Matching algorithm(s) that are integrated into the platform provided by the Matcher Engine Software (MES) suppliers.

The Home Office confirmed to Government Computing magazine  that a preferred supplier has been selected for the Lot 1 Procurement (the Biometric Matcher Service Platform) via a “rigorous tender process” and confirmed that the contract is worth £28m over five years with a possible three year extension. It also confirmed that the total value for all three lots is £55m over three years.

Contracts for systems currently in use by immigration and law enforcement end in 2019. Home Office sources said the new platform will also ensure agencies” continue to have access to information they need.”  

A Home Office spokesperson told the magazine, “The Home Office Biometrics programme seeks to improve the technology used by immigration and law enforcement agencies to check fingerprints and biometric information.

“The new platform will not give agencies access to any new data – but make comparing existing information faster and more accurate, while reducing costs.”