JENETRIC awarded for autonomous nail-to-nail fingerprint capture
21 March 2018 21:01 GMT

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) announced today that JENETRIC has been awarded within the Nail-to-Nail fingerprint challenge for its approach to capture rolled fingerprints without any operator assistance.

In a statement, the firm said that hile flat fingers can be captured comparably easily without the need for an operator, rolled fingerprints require a trained law enforcement expert in order to achieve a consistent fingerprint image quality.

Therefore the goal of the IARPA was to improve the capture process for rolled fingerprints by eliminating the assistance from an officer. In the N2N-fingerprint challenge 8 finalists from academia and industry tested their fingerprint devices and approaches for the ability to capture rolled fingerprints without operator assistance.

All ten rolled fingers from more than 300 candidates were captured and then analyzed and compared by experts from the FBI and latent examiners. JENETRIC successfully demonstrated how their LIVETOUCH QUATTRO, specifically designed for simplifying the capture process with an integrated user guidance, can automate and improve the rolled capture process.

As a result, the company has been awarded for its capability not only to capture autonomously more than 90% of all fingerprints but particularity for the high matching performance of these fingerprint images compared with the same fingerprints taken from forensic experts and latent fingerprints.

Amongst all demonstrated fingerprint technologies, JENETRIC is ranked highest in the matching performance with a FAP 60 scanning technology.

“We are extremely proud of the results as they confirm the advantages of a user centric design that allows nontrained users to capture forensic-quality rolled fingerprint images” explains Roberto Wolfer. “Our user guidance simulates the ink-and-paper process and provides easy to understand instructions on the device where, when and how to roll a finger. Therefore LIVETOUCH QUATTRO is most suitable for self-service applications in public applications as well as in law enforcement.