Crossmatch joins IBM Security App Exchange community
11 April 2018 16:10 GMT

Biometrics firm Crossmatch has announced the integration of their DigitalPersona composite authentication solution with IBM identity and access management technology.

The firm said DigitalPersona allows organizations to confidently authenticate users to their applications (cloud, mobile, web and traditional) using a risk-based approach that minimizes user disruption while reducing risk to the enterprise from compromised credentials.

The DigitalPersona connector is available to the security community through the IBM Security App Exchange, a marketplace where users, partners and developers can share integration applications based on IBM Security technologies. As identity- related attacks persist as a leading cause of major security breaches, collaborative development amongst the security community will help organizations adapt quickly and speed innovation in the fight against cybercrime.

DigitalPersona integrates with IBM Security Access Manager, which helps companies provide secure and simplified access to web, mobile and cloud technologies through a single integrated platform. The solution allows Crossmatch and IBM customers to strengthen user access and move beyond static passwords with an array of authentication choices that include traditional (one-time passwords, FIDO tokens), smart cards, biometrics, mobile, behavioral-based methods and more.

Nick Pattakos, SVP global services and solutions for Crossmatch noted, “The integration of DigitalPersona with IBM Security Access Manager means customers are provided with a solution that can easily fit into existing environments to secure their most complex and consequential applications. Having the solution in the App Exchange is critical for us to expand the reach into this important, growing security community.”

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