Neurotechnology tops latest MINEX III results for PIV
11 April 2018 16:16 GMT

Biometric ID tech firm Neurotechnology has announced the latest result of their NIST MINEX III (Minutiae Interoperability Exchange) evaluation. Neurotechnology’s biometric template generator is ranked first for interoperability out of all 16 compliant generator algorithms. 

Out of all the compliant matching algorithms, Neurotechnology ranked second with only 0.00001 difference from the top provider for Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Level 1 criteria. It also outperformed that provider by more than 1.3 times for PIV Level 2 criteria, and Neurotechnology’s matcher was 2.7 times faster. In native performance, when the generator and matcher are used in tandem, Neurotechnology is the most accurate of all MINEX-compliant providers.

“With this MINEX result, Neurotechnology becomes the top provider of template-generator software in a cross-vendor or cross-version interoperable environment,” said Dr. Justas Kranauskas, head of the biometric research department for Neurotechnology. “It also consolidates Neurotechnology’s position as the provider of choice for both interoperable and native fingerprint matching environments.” 

While topping categories in both interoperability and accuracy, Neurotechnology also adds the third component: speed. Among the top six most interoperable MINEX III-compliant template generator and matcher pairs, Neurotechnology’s matcher is easily the fastest, with remaining providers being at least 6x and 1.8x higher for PIV Level 1 interoperability and PIV Level 2 accuracy specification criteria respectively. 

These rankings (for Neurotechnology+0108) also speak to other applications within the Neurotechnology offering. Neurotechnology+0204 matcher performs 1.25x better when pairing its Neurotechnology+0204 probe with the Neurotechnology+0108 gallery templates. Interoperability, then, is enhanced not only with other vendors, but also within the different versions of Neurotechnology software.

“We are very proud of our talented team and happy to see their hard work being recognized,” added Kranauskas.

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