Airport Automated Biometric Tech expected to reach over US$1 Billion in revenue
17 August 2018 12:11 GMT

Research firm Acuity Market Intelligence has found that by the end of 2020 just 17% of the Total Addressable Market (TAM) of nearly 100,000 biometric check-in, auto bag drop, and border control, security checkpoint and boarding kiosks and eGates will be deployed.

Acuity's latest research evaluates the global airport market for Automated Biometric Facilitation from 2018 to 2022. This rapidly evolving market will generate more than $1.3 billion dollars in revenue between 2018 and 2022.

"The age of seamless international travel has arrived," says Maxine Most, Principal at Acuity Market Intelligence. "Integrated, frictionless passenger facilitation is the next wave of biometric automation for expedited travel."   

The report, “The Airport Automated Biometric Facilitation Report:
Form Curb to Gate”, finds that Europe will continue to be the unquestionable revenue leader throughout the forecast period with revenues for Automated Biometric Facilitation solutions growing at a healthy 18.4% CAGR.

According to Acuity’s report, more than 5,500 Automated Border Control (ABC) eGates, ABC Kiosks, Automated Passport Control (APC) Kiosks, Automated Immigration Check-in (AIC) Kiosks, Auto Bag Drop (ABD) units, and Automated Boarding (AIB) eGates are currently deployed at more than 300 locations in more than 80 countries. The number of Automated Biometric Facilitation units will triple by 2020 with expansion to dozens of additional airports.

“ABC eGates, and ABC and APC Kiosks are established solutions that have been widely deployed,” says Most, a biometric identity and security technology expert. “The next wave of Automated Biometric Facilitation includes AIC Kiosks, ABD Units, and AIB eGates that - while in their market infancy - are having enormous impact where they have been deployed. This includes Singapore’s Changi Airport’s curb-to-gate Fast and Seamless Travel initiative (FAST) and the United States’ Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Biometric Exit AIB trials that have proven so successful that both Orlando and San Jose airports have committed to full deployment.” 

 “Though Europe will dominate the Automated Biometric Facilitation market with 30%-unit deployment and 35%-revenue share through the 2022 forecast period, Acuity expects that just beyond the forecast period, growth in Asia will shift market dynamics towards total Asian domination by 2030,” Most says.

Europe’s annual revenues more than doubles from 2018 to 2020 accounting for more than 30% of global forecast period revenue as well as total units deployed. However, given the projected growth of airport infrastructure and air passenger numbers in Asia, these market dynamics will shift significantly by 2030.

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