iPad and iPhone get fingerprint authentication app


BIO-key International has announced an app and hardware for Apple's iPad and iPhone that uses fingerprint recognition to identify users.

One of the main target marets for the device will be the healthcare sector. BIO-key says the new iFMID (iOS Fingerprint Mobile Identification Device) can increase security, performance, compliance and convenience for healthcare providers accessing EMR & EHR records.



"Healthcare facilities and their staffs have aggressively adopted utilization of the iPad, because of its outstanding imaging capabilities and portability. With the introduction of iFMID technology, BIO-key is enabling users to authenticate using state of the art fingerprint biometric technology. Moving forward, healthcare professionals will be able to securely and compliantly log on to enterprise applications on their iPad by simply offering their fingerprint; a measurable improvement of the current password process," said Ben Hammel, Director of Identity Management Solutions, BIO-key International Inc.

iFMID technology was developed by S.I.C. Biometrics, a Montreal Canada hardware and software technology company. S.I.C. designs, manufactures and internationally commercializes biometrics security products. On August 15, 2011, BIO-key International Inc. announced plans to acquire S.I.C.

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Biometric solution for healthcare providers
Biometric solution for healthcare providers

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