Lightspeed ID launches face and iris portal
18 October 2018 15:17 GMT

Lightspeed Technology, a biometric security innovation company, announced it has developed an interface module designed to drive mass deployment of its industry-leading face/ iris biometric solutions.  Employing human-centered design, its touch-free, graphic user interface makes it easy for users of all ages, sizes and backgrounds to enroll in seconds without any use of language, instruction or additional effort. 

Live video feedback is a key element of Lightspeed’s user-friendly feel.  Connected by USB to Lightspeed’s miniature mounted camera, the interface is displayed on the screen of any PC, laptop or touchpad. The camera is equipped with a live video motion sensor that automates an on-screen outline of the user appearing inside a graphic picture frame.  Through simple and intuitive positioning feedback, it efficiently guides users to position their face within the borders of Lightspeed’s optimal image capture zone. 

In seconds, Lightspeed’s high-speed fusioncam captures a single high-quality face and dual iris image at a natural stand-off distance of about 14-20 inches.  With no prior understanding or assistance, the process is proven to be easy and effortless.  In testing, first time novice users enrolled in seconds.   Subsequent uses were shown to further increase speed and ease.

“The market now sees an intuitive and positive user experience as a biometric must-have,” said Michael Braithwaite, founder and president of Lightspeed.  “By combining the highest levels of accuracy with the most advanced and intuitive user interface, we’ve eliminated the most important barriers to mass market adoption.”