Smart Sensors develops new FastMatch Capability
18 October 2011 14:40 GMT

Smart Sensors has developed a new fast matching system for iris recognition with an equivalent combined search capacity up to 1 trillion matches per second. This is suitable for very large 1:N matching where multiple query searches are required against database servers typically used in National ID programmes for example.

The system is based on the company’s recently granted patent, and enables fast results from “watch list” queries such as those used in military and law enforcement applications. It provides an attractive alternative to “brute force” solutions which deploy multiple blade servers, as it has a much reduced CPU load, hardware requirement and power consumption.

The FastMatch system looks up results at a constant rate per number of classes, with no special CPU power being needed. Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Solid State Disk (SSD) technology can be used as the storage medium. These very large databases can support many simultaneous 1:N searches –more than 1,000 per second. For a database of 100M people, this may equate to as many as 1 Trillion comparisons per second.

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