Iris scans for horses!


The biometrics industry appears to have come up with a thoroughbred solution to solve the issue of accurate identification of horses and guard against theft (some 50,000 horses are stolen each year).

Global Animal Management has announced the launch of eyeD, an equine identification solution using iris scan technology. 

The company says that eyeD is more accurate than tattoos or markings, more secure than paper documents and completely non-invasive.

"Providing no more undue stress to animals, eyeD takes only minutes to capture a digital photo of the horse's eyes, and all without restraining the horse during the process," David Knupp, marketing manager, Global Animal Management said.

eyeD establishes an identification code similar to how iris identification in humans. A digital photo, called an eyePrint, is taken by a veterinarian of each of the horse's eyes using a special camera. The images are electronically stored along with photos to pedigree registrations and medical records, among other information.

An eyePrint is more accurate than a fingerprint (or hoofprint!), and no two irises are alike. Even clones have different iris patterns.

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Horse irises are as unique as humans
Horse irises are as unique as humans

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