ImageWare launches GoVerifyID platform
20 November 2018 16:06 GMT

ImageWare announced the launch of the GoVerifyID Digital Identity Transformation Platform as part of its GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite product line.

This firm said the new platform and turnkey solution provides federated digital identity onboarding, digital identity proofing, digital rights management, digital contracting, document signing, digital vaults, and overall digital identity management while providing support for regulatory and privacy compliance across multiple industries and geographies or digital ecosystems all from the same platform.

ImageWare’s new digital identity onboarding and digital management technology greatly expands the capabilities of its GoVerifyID product line. Now users can prove and maintain their identity, privacy and personal information using easily configured workflows involving the validation of government-issued ID cards, live biometric comparisons, “know your customer” validation, and other data sources prior to enrolling their biometrics quickly and easily all via their mobile phone. The platform provides a full range of two-factor, multi-factor, and biometric authentication enabling appropriate levels of user assurance during the digital identity journey.

Beyond digital onboarding, this new solution also enables the creation of digital ecosystems that connect individuals, organizations and things (IoT) delivering a true customer centric and frictionless digital capability for organizations as they engage with customers in the new digital age. The solution is available as a SaaS including a multi-tenant web portal to easily configure the onboarding steps, artificial intelligence automation rules, digital vault and document signing configuration, and for auditing, review, and manual override functions.

ImageWare and its partner network, including Fujitsu, will market, sell, and deploy this solution to organizations globally. This platform also utilizes the ImageWare GoVerifyID multi-modal biometric, multi-factor, and two-factor authentication SaaS as part of the solution.

Jim Miller, Executive Chairman and CEO of ImageWare Systems said, “This new offering continues ImageWare’s long history as a pioneer and innovator in the biometric identity management industry. The ascent of Digital Identity is transforming business operations for acquiring new customers, engaging with clients, and conducting business online, while ensuring user identity and building trust. Our new digital onboarding, document signing, and digital vault capabilities augment and further differentiates our authentication platform and solutions. This proven technology has been deployed at telecoms, financial institutions, and other clients with our technology partner Contactable.”

David Somerville, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for ImageWare stated, “Providing digital onboarding and digital identity management capabilities as part of ImageWare’s ultra-scalable two-factor, multi-factor, and biometric authentication mobile/cloud SaaS provides the ultimate in digital identity assurance and authentication. Now, ImageWare’s customers can have a seamless journey from digital onboarding to user authentication, document signing, and contracting all using their mobile phones which is a significant driver for market adoption and acceleration of enhanced digital services.”