id3 performs well in FRVT test
05 December 2018 17:10 GMT

id3 Technologies, an independent French company, has reported that it had an "excellent performance tradeoff" in the recently released results of Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT), a prestigious international benchmark of facial recognition algorithms.

Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) is a benchmark initiated by National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST), which measures the performance of automated face recognition technologies applied to a wide range of civil, law enforcement and homeland security applications. This evaluation includes performance assessment for algorithms from more than 50 commercial developers.

"The result of this test confirms that id3’s technology provides excellent recognition accuracy while limiting template size and computational resource usage, thanks to proprietary algorithms based on deep convolutional neural networks", the firm wrote

"The technology now enables unconstrained real-time detection and recognition of faces in a crowd, whatever the gender, age or race. The technology is also robust to pose, illumination and expression variations and is compatible with a large range of cameras under either visible or near-infrared light."

"id3 is proud to announce that it has already deployed its facial recognition technology in a large-scale public safety solution to detect and characterize intrusions by people in critical areas such as computer labs or storage areas".

Commenting on the result, Jean-Louis Revol, President of id3 Technologies, declared: “More than just a technology provider, id3 Technologies’ goal is to build strong partnership with its customers and to support them in the development of innovative solutions.”

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