NI Police to provide greater clarity on biometrics use
09 January 2019 16:04 GMT

The Northern Irish police have agreed to provide greater public clarity around their retention of DNA and fingerprint data.

The agreement comes after the country's Human Rights Commission recently settled its legal action against the police.

The NI police have now promised to produce a formal public policy on the holding of biometric information within a year.

Officers can legally keep the data of convicted offenders. The commission believed finding out if that had been done, and why, was "unnecessarily difficult".

Chief commissioner Les Allamby said: "The commission is pleased that in response to this case the PSNI will now develop a clear policy addressing biometric data retention in Northern Ireland.

"It will make clearer to the public why their DNA or fingerprints may be retained, on what basis this may continue, and how to go about seeking its destruction.

"We are encouraging a quick implementation of this settlement to ensure that human rights continues to be a central tenet of how policing is delivered."

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