FC Construction adds facial recognition feature
05 February 2019 16:40 GMT

Dallas-based FC Construction Services has added a facial recognition feature which verifies the badge presenter’s face simultaneously as the RFID badge is scanned while entering the turnstile.

The first partner to utilize the new security feature is Vaughn Construction, field testing it on their project at UT Southwestern Clements Tower.

“The new facial recognition feature adds another barrier to site access for non-authorized individuals and prevents fraudulent badge usage, such as badge sharing. We anticipate this added layer of security to make a measurable difference for our customers,” noted Keith Hinton, Vice President, Operations, FC Construction Services.

FC Construction Services is a nationally recognized leader in developing innovative technology and services for the construction industry. They provide labor analytics, worker screening, badging, tracking, and access control programs on construction projects such as light rail, sports arenas, airports, hospitals, K-12 schools, colleges, universities and miscellaneous industrial from coast to coast.

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