CyberLink’s FaceMe integrated in robot
15 February 2019 13:26 GMT

CyberLink revealed today that its FaceMe AI facial recognition engine is being integrated in the Ayuda service robot by Syscom Group.

By integrating FaceMe, Ayuda can accurately recognize customer identity and detect precise information including age, gender and emotions to improve the quality of customer interaction and service. The Ayuda service robot is already being shipped for use in Taiwan and Japan.

Syscom Group is a leading system integrator in Taiwan known for its outstanding software development and integrated solutions, serving clients from vertical markets including financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, high-tech manufacturing and government sector. The Ayuda service robot is a result of the combination of hardware, software, AIoT and big data technology. It provides a wide range of innovative functions, including facial recognition, human detection, voice recognition, voice and video communication, and indoor navigation. Ayuda is highly versatile and can be deployed in a variety of environments, such as retail shops, banks, hospitals and academic institutions.

CyberLink FaceMe, a facial recognition engine, is powered by cutting edge neural network algorithm and deep learning technology, resulting in high-precision yields of up to 98.5% true acceptance rate (TAR). Through a cross-platform SDK (Software Development Kit), FaceMe enables system integrators and solution providers to incorporate precise facial detection to their applications.

“With the development of smart robots, computer vision is becoming a major technological trend, and within computer vision, facial recognition is by far the most important. Facial recognition essentially gives eyes to robots, enabling them to recognize people and interact in a natural and personalized fashion,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “By integrating FaceMe, Syscom’s Ayuda service robot can effectively recognize human faces for enhanced humanlike interactions.”

“Syscom has devoted many years to the smart robot industry. Through precise facial recognition and real-time optimization to the Linux operating system, Syscom has integrated FaceMe as its core facial recognition engine in its third generation Ayuda service robot.” said Chen-Wu Shao, Executive Director of Ayuda’s Smart Robot team. “By integrating the FaceMe® facial recognition engine, Syscom can now deploy Ayuda in institutions such as banks, police offices, hospitals and educational institutions in the near future.”