CaixaBank reveals face recognition ATMs
18 February 2019 16:48 GMT

CaixaBank has become the world's first financial institution to offer its customers the ability to use facial recognition to withdraw cash from ATMs, without having to enter their PIN. The company, with Jordi Gual as Chairman and Gonzalo Gortázar as CEO, presented the system today in Barcelona, in an act that entails the commercial launch of the service for all customers who want to sue it at ATMs equipped with the new technology. The press conference was attended by Jordi Nicolau, head of Global Customer Experience at CaixaBank, and Benjamí Puigdevall, head of CaixaBank Digital Business.

The objective of implementing facial recognition technology in ATMs is to offer a better user experience and greater security in transactions, given that it streamlines the customer identification process, and makes it possible to withdraw cash without memorising multiple passwords. CaixaBank now has this verification system in place in four Store branches in Barcelona, with a total of 20 terminals. The company plans to progressively expand facial recognition across its Store offices from the second half of 2019.

CaixaBank has developed this project with the collaboration of its technological partners, Fujitsu and FacePhi.

The system is groundbreaking on a global level, as it allows users to withdraw money from an ATM by simply recognising them from the image captured by the terminal's camera. The ATM has the hardware and software needed to validate up to 16,000 points on the image of the user's face, which guarantees a totally secure identification.

However, the customer can always select the most convenient personal identification technology, as CaixaBank ATMs will have both options: facial recognition or PIN.

The launch of this new service for ATMs falls within the objectives of the CaixaBank 2019-2021 Strategic Plan, where innovative projects play a key role. According to Gonzalo Gortázar, CaixaBank CEO, "technological leadership helps us to provide a better service to our customers, in a closer, more specialised way".

Jordi Nicolau said that this development means "defining a different, innovative customer experience, as part of CaixaBanks strategy to constantly evolve towards new needs and habits". Nicolau added that "a state-of-the-art experience is bringing us closer to our objective to offer a distinguishing customer journey, with clear benefits to service quality and proximity to customers".

Meanwhile, Benjamí Puigdevall explained that "in the current financial context of digital transformation, security and agility are key in transactions, and the incorporation of biometric technology at ATMs offers multiple benefits in these two areas". For Puigdevall, “this commitment to facial recognition strengthens CaixaBank's position among the companies with the most advanced ATMs around the world”.