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Precise Biometrics reveals financial results for 2014

Swedish fingerprint algorithm firm Precise Biometrics has revealed results for 2014 up until September.

21 Oct 2014

Fujitsu patents new vein authentication methods

Japanese electronics firm Fujitsu has filed new patents in the US related to new vein authentication methods and devices.

21 Oct 2014

NexID cites increased anti-spoofing accuracy with update

Anti-spoofing software company NexID says the latest version of its SDK can detect almost all fake fingerprint images.

21 Oct 2014

Details emerge of facial recognition in Android’s Lollipop

Android experts who previewed the latest iteration of the operating system say a new facial recognition feature could compete with Apple’s biometric innovations.

21 Oct 2014

New Zealand police target boozers with biometrics

The New Zealand police are launching a system that will scan the fingerprints of suspected drink drivers for faster identification. 

21 Oct 2014

Dropbox looks to biometrics for added security

Cloud-based data storage firm Dropbox has added a new level of biometric security to its iOS app by linking to Apple’s Touch ID.

20 Oct 2014

Turkey’s PM unveils biometric ID card plan

A biometrics-backed ID card with a number of features is to be launched in Turkey.

16 Oct 2014

Alipay reveals biometric payment innovations in Beijing

Alibaba’s mobile payments wing stresses that fingerprints and facial recognition will play a big role in its future.

16 Oct 2014

Acer working with biometrics firm on payment system

Taiwanese computing firm Acer is jumping in to the expanding biometric-based mobile payments market.

16 Oct 2014

Diebold integrates finger vein reader into new ATM series

Diebold latest ATM model features biometric finger vein scanners and an anti-skimming card reader.

16 Oct 2014
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