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Fears in UK over deletion of terror suspects’ biometric profiles

Britain’s biometric commissioner has said that delays in police procedure have led to the deletion of biometric records held on at least 100 potential terror suspects.

27 May 2016

Acer includes fingerprint scanners on new Windows 10 notebooks

Acer has deployed fingerprint sensors on its latest Windows 10 laptops, ensuring they comply with the operating system’s Hello biometric authentication platform.

27 May 2016

BioConnect links up with UK’s Norbain

Biometric access control firm BioConnect has announced a partnership with UK security firm Norbain that will involve the inclusion of new BioConnect biometric products to the Norbain product portfolio.

27 May 2016

Report: MacBook Pro 2016 to get fingerprint sensor

The new iteration of the Apple MacBook could feature a fingerprint sensor and a touch screen, according to an influential analyst.

26 May 2016

Researchers propose driving data as unique identifier

A group of researchers has found that the rich data that is gathered from driving is enough to identify people with accuracy.

26 May 2016

Russia’s biggest bank planning biometric deployments

The CEO of Russia’s Sberbank has revealed plans to limit card usage in future years in favour of biometric authentication methods including voice.

26 May 2016

Dutch court rules that fingerprints mandatory for ePassport

A court in the Netherlands has ruled that authorities can refuse a passport to people who won’t give their fingerprints.

26 May 2016

Kenyan bank adds fingerprint ID on mobile app

Kenya’s GTBank has become the first in the country to launch fingerprint recognition in its mobile banking app.

26 May 2016

Face recognition algorithm uncovers ‘Photoshopped’ images

Once the preserve of celebrity magazines, retouched facial images are being the norm as user-friendly image-enhancing tools proliferate. But could beautification threaten face recognition security systems?

25 May 2016

Google eyes behavioural solution for continuous authentication

Google has revealed plans for an authentication convergence strategy which would see rich behavioural data gathered from mobiles and then used for continuous authentication on both smartphones and desktops.

25 May 2016
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