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Delfigo Security tries behavioural biometrics on mobiles

Delfigo Security has combined pictures, symbols and numbers with touch-based behavioural biometrics and device ID technology.

01 Oct 2014

Brits staying with PIN numbers longer than spouses

Almost 20% of Brits have kept the same PIN number for 15 years, raising the risk of criminals accessing their accounts.

01 Oct 2014

Aadhaar architect wins innovation prize

The Economist magazine has honoured the Indian entrepreneur, bureaucrat and politician Nandan Nilekani with an award for his stewardship of India’s unique id project.

30 Sep 2014

Philippines launches biometrics welfare project for homeless

Homeless families in the Philippines are to be registered with biometrics to improve their access to welfare.

30 Sep 2014

Cybersecurity study notes biometric BYOD risk

Not enough staff on ‘bring your own device’ programs are using biometrics to secure those devices, according to a survey by Bitdefender

30 Sep 2014

Keystroke biometrics feature in ‘one-handed’ competition

A US university is launching a competition that aims to find out what happens to keystroke biometrics when typing behaviour is seriously handicapped due to injury or distraction.

29 Sep 2014

Identify Security showcases perpetual authorisation tool

Identify Security say its new software combines face detection and recognition, life signs, and proximity sensing sensors to verify the dynamic physical presence of a live person.

29 Sep 2014

Singapore mulls iris scanners for border checkpoints

Singapore, which already uses fingerprint scanning for border entry, is considering a “small-scale” test of iris scanners.

26 Sep 2014

OBIM sets sights on new biometric database

The USA's Office of Biometric Identity Management says its current identity database is creaking under an increased workload - but plans are afoot to upgrade and eventually replace the system.

25 Sep 2014

EyeLock launches partnership with password firm

EyeLock has incorporated Sticky Password's software into its myris device with the aim of improving security and usability

25 Sep 2014
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