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Could biometrics boost record low voter turnout in US?

A new report by the Center for the Study of the American Electorate (CSAE) shows that the USA is heading towards the lowest ever turnout in its midterm primaries. But introducing biometrics into the process could help…

23 Jul 2014

Suprema launches fingerprint scanner SDK for Android

Suprema has announced the launch of a fingerprint scanner software development kit (SDK) for the Android operating system (OS).

22 Jul 2014

Apple and Samsung must address spoofed fingerprints, says Senator

Letters discussing fingerprint security have just been released that show a fascinating exchange between Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) and two of the world’s largest tech industry players – Apple and Samsung.

21 Jul 2014

Mobiles used on trading floor get biometric-enhanced compliance solution

Mobile devices are renowned as being a compliance black hole on the financial trading floor. A new solution, that combines mobility with a biometric-based linguistics voice platform, could solve this issue.

18 Jul 2014

Kyrgyzstan to register citizens' biometrics

Collection of biometric data will begin August 31, 2014 and will last until July 2015.

18 Jul 2014

NIST speaker recognition challenge shows good improvement

NIST speaker biometric challenge shows improvements and increased machine learning community involvement.

17 Jul 2014

Biometrics on the table for payment in the future, says Visa Europe

Directors at Visa Europe are coming round to the idea that biometrics could play a part in payment ecosystem of the future.

10 Jul 2014

Identity on steroids – the concept of superidentity

A multinational team of researchers have grand ambitions for a new holistic model of identity - which they term “superidentity”.

10 Jul 2014

NIST appoints biometric expert, Jain, to Forensic Science Standards Board

NIST, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice, have named Michigan State University’s Anil Jain among the first 17 appointments to the Forensic Science Standards Board.

10 Jul 2014

Biometric eyeprint start up scores $6 million investment

EyeVerify, a biometric company whose technology recognises smart phone users from the whites of their eyeballs, rather than their irises, has scored a major injection of funds.

10 Jul 2014
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