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Morpho Joins FIDO Alliance

Morpho (Safran) has joined the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, an industry consortium delivering standards for simpler, stronger authentication during online transactions.

14 Apr 2014

PayPal with fingerprint now available on Samsung Galaxy S5

PayPal has made good on its promise to release an app with fingerprint authentication on the new Samsung Galaxy S5 device.

14 Apr 2014

AGNITiO raises the bar for secure, simple voice iD authentication

The latest version of this FIDO ready software platform delivers anti-spoofing protection while further enhancing user experience.

09 Apr 2014

Cognitec Algorithm comes out on top in NIST Independent Vendor Test

Test results published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), on the performance of automated age estimation algorithms, claim that Cognitec Systems’ are in a market-leading position in the face recognition market.

07 Apr 2014

connect:ID Report - Biometrics and consumer acceptance

New report shows that biometrics still suffer from the perception that they are in some way invasive to personal privacy, despite the opposite being predominantly true.

02 Apr 2014

connect:ID Report - New markets, new technologies – a new horizon

In the final of a series of four reports from the recent connect:ID conference and exhibition, the International Biometrics & Identification Association explains how opportunities are growing in new sectors like banking and healthcare — and in emerging markets like Latin America and Africa.

02 Apr 2014

Biometrics in the cloud - pay as you go

Fujitsu and ImageWare Systems have announced the availability of a pay-as-you-go, plug-n-play multimodal biometric cloud identity and authentication service.

01 Apr 2014

Latin America banks choose DigitalPersona biometrics

DigitalPersona has announced that Coppel Corporation, a group of retail and finance companies, has chosen its fingerprint technology to verify employee and customer identities in more than 800 banks and 1,000 Pension Fund Offices throughout Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

01 Apr 2014

IDEX and BIO-key sign biometric mobility market agreement

BIO-key International and IDEX have entered into a license agreement that will see them collaborate to deliver a sensor-to-server infrastructure solution for consumer applications – in particular the smartphone, tablet and PC markets.

31 Mar 2014

NZ Internal Revenue Dept tops 1m Voice ID enrollees

New Zealand's Internal Revenue Department has announced that its biometric Voice ID service has now enrolled more than one million customers, saving taxpayers 8,500 hours of phone time each year.

28 Mar 2014
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