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Vision-Box deploys eGates at Qatar's Hamad airport

Border control firm say the eGates will streamline the entry process with high levels of security and efficiency

15 Sep 2014

Aware launches INQUIRE textual identity software

SDK includes biometric search and text-based filter, search, match, and link algorithms

12 Sep 2014

Facialnetwork reveals facial recognition demo on Google Glass

The developers of a facial recognition software that can be used on Google Glass have released a new demo video showcasing faster and more accurate searches 

12 Sep 2014

Research firm: Biometrics use on smartphones to surge by 2017

Frost & Sullivan has predicted that the number of smartphone users relying on biometric authentication will rise to 471 million in the next three years. 

11 Sep 2014

Intel touts plans to ‘eliminate passwords’ through biometrics

Senior staff from chipmaking giant Intel this week revealed that the firm plans to "very shortly" announce technology that will replace passwords with voice and face authentication 

11 Sep 2014

Apple hands biometrics bigger role in iPhone 6

The Apple Pay system revealed at Tuesday's iPhone 6 launch has game-changing implications for the way humans use mobile devices, and biometrics are at the centre of the technology.  

10 Sep 2014

Biometrics firms face up to online classroom cheating

A facial recognition system being developed by Swiss-based KeyLemon and US e-learning authentication firm eProktor aims to revolutionise the way online classrooms use student authentication

09 Sep 2014

Twins get their 'biometric' voice heard in Twinsburg

Biometrics researchers attend Twins Day event in Ohio to exploit the rare data opportunities thrown up for biometrics - this year's research focused on voice and face recognition.

08 Sep 2014

iBeta to perform fingerprint interoperability study

iBeta Quality Assurance (iBeta), an accredited biometrics testing laboratory in the USA, is to perform a new fingerprint evaluation study following a contract award from Sandia National Laboratories.

08 Sep 2014

Barclays launches vein recognition for online business banking

In a major endorsement for the use of biometrics in customer-facing banking, Barclays, in partnership with Hitachi Europe, is to launch finger vein authentication technology (VeinID) for customer authentication.

05 Sep 2014
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