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Acuity sees bumper years ahead for biometrics

Biometric features are set to become ‘standard’ on smartphones, tablets, and wearable mobile devices, says Acuity Market Intelligence. 

22 Dec 2014

Gartner: Internet of Things will redefine identity management

The Internet of Things will drive device and user relationship requirements in 20% of new identity and access management, says Gartner, with new biometrics emerging in a key role.

19 Dec 2014

Ghana launches upgrade of biometric passport systerm

West African country Ghana has revealed plans to upgrade its biometric passports to also include microchips.

19 Dec 2014

OASIS seeks public review of biometric device protocol

The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards has launched a 15-day public review of a command and control protocol for biometric devices.

19 Dec 2014

Natural Security Alliance reveals launch of compliant payment devices

France-based biometric standards-setting body the Natural Security Alliance has announced the launch of the first connected devices that implement its proximity payment standards.

19 Dec 2014

DFT unveils fingerprint app for mobiles that uses device’s camera, not sensor

Diamond Fortress Technologies has launched a new version of mobile fingerprint authentication software that uses a device’s camera, and not sensors, to verify the user’s identity.

18 Dec 2014

Malaysia to launch biometric express lanes at airport

Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport plans to use biometric border controls for international visitors with long-term visas.

18 Dec 2014

Uber reveals biometric safety plans for cab service

Digital cab-ordering firm Uber plans to use biometric checks to on drivers following a string of controversies involving alleged assaults by its drivers.

18 Dec 2014

LA County to spend $24.4 million on NEC biometric law enforcement tool

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has authorised a budget of $24.4 million for a new multimodal biometric law enforcement tool.

18 Dec 2014

Planet Biometrics reveals Annual Review for 2014

Planet Biometrics has created an annual review featuring insights from experts across the industry.

18 Dec 2014
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