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Obstacles loom for an Apple Pay ‘marriage’ with China’s Alibaba

An alliance between Californian tech giant Apple and leading Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba would likely face regulatory, legal and potentially political challenges.

30 Oct 2014

Rome airport installs biometric border controls

More than 3,000 passengers a day are using Automated Border Control gates at Rome’s Fiumicino-Leonardo de Vinci International Airport.

30 Oct 2014

Massachusetts introduces facial recognition for license renewals

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has rolled out self-service license kiosks with facial recognition to renew or update driving licences.

30 Oct 2014

Wearables to drive second wave of biometric adoption: Report

A report by Goode Intelligence predicts that wearable technology will lead consumer adoption of biometric authentication following inroads made by mobile devices.

30 Oct 2014

Californian attorney general points out surge in data breaches

California’s attorney general, Kamala Harris has revealed that some 48 percent of the state’s citizens were affected by data breaches last year.

29 Oct 2014

Europe's ‘Smart Border’ report makes biometric recommendations

A technical study prepared by the European Commission on the proposed “Smart Borders” project has been released aimed at identifying and assessing the most suitable and promising options and solutions in areas such as biometrics.

28 Oct 2014

UK Biometrics Commissioner wants simpler process for early deletion of DNA and fingerprints

Commissioner says it would be desirable to have an early deletion process which is significantly less restrictive than that which is proposed in the draft Guidance

24 Oct 2014

Biometrics Institute proposes biometric trust mark

The Biometrics Institute has unveiled its proposals for a ‘trust mark’ system to boost consumer and public confidence in systems using biometric technology.

24 Oct 2014

Microsoft targets two factor authentication for Windows 10

A Microsoft blog focusing on security in Windows 10 details how the new operating system is looking at two factor authentication including biometrics, such as fingerprints.

23 Oct 2014

Gemalto reveals revenue growth in third quarter

French-Dutch chip-card company Gemalto saw healthy growth in revenues in the third quarter and is targeting double digit figures for 2014.

23 Oct 2014
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