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Aspect selects voice biometric solution from SpeechPro

Voice biometrics firm Speechpro's VoiceKey product has been selected by British contact centre specialists Aspect Software. 

30 Jan 2015

India’s Andhra Pradesh launches iris recognition for pensions

India’s Andhra Pradesh state is installing iris recognition scanners to identify elderly citizens receiving pensions.

30 Jan 2015

Verificient patents ‘world's first’ automated remote proctoring solution

Remote exam proctoring specialists Verificient Technologies have developed a solution that relies on a combination of vision-based cues, audio cues and behavioural biometrics.

30 Jan 2015

Changes in S Korea’s eBanking laws could be boon for biometrics

South Korea's financial authorities have proposed changes to eBanking requirements that could enable fingerprint and iris recognition transactions.

30 Jan 2015

Taiwanese firm expects fingerprint touch panel growth

Rapid growth is being predicted in the market for fingerprint scanners embedded in touchscreens.

30 Jan 2015

Alipay to link police mugshots to facial recognition banking

Alipay is hoping to access the Chinese police’s facial database so that prospective customers can literally open bank accounts with a mugshot.

29 Jan 2015

NEXT Biometrics: ‘Apple effect’ opening up new fingerprint sensor markets

Norwegian fingerprint sensor firm Next Biometrics says orders it received this month from new potential markets underlines growing confidence in the sector.

29 Jan 2015

Morpho signs biometric eBorder contract with the UAE

Morpho (Safran) has signed a major eBorder deal with the United Arab Emirates that includes the implementation of a fully integrated multi-biometric border control system, as well as 96 e-Gates and 94 e-Counters, in five major airports.  

29 Jan 2015

US border bill pulled amid GOP disagreement

A vote on the Secure our Borders First Act has been cancelled amid complaints that its biometric exit requirements could cause congestion.

29 Jan 2015

KeyLemon reveals client-server architecture for biometric apps

KeyLemon has launched a new client-server architecture that facilitates the development and deployment of face recognition apps on mobile devices.

29 Jan 2015
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