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Behavioural Biometrics: Tracking how you interact with technology 15 August 2018

The way you interact with technology is as unique as any fingerprint or iris pattern. These markers are being used by banks and other companies to help fight cybercrime and fraud.

NuData adds 3D-Secure 02 August 2018

NuData, which provides online user verification with passive biometrics, announced today its solution has integrated the EMV 3-D Secure authentication protocol.

Plurilock partners with Carahsoft 21 June 2018

Plurilock Security Solutions and Carahsoft Technology have announced a partnership making Plurilock's identity assurance solution available to the public sector.

BIO-key awarded US patent on continuous authentication 19 June 2018

Biometric authentication and security solutions firm Bio-key has announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company Patent 10,002,244 for the Utilization of Biometric Data.

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