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Consumer ID is generally thought of as the use of biometrics to identify or verify the identity of individuals conducting in-person or remote transactions for goods or services. Biometrics can be used to complement or replace authentication mechanisms such as presenting cards, tickets, photo identification, PINs, or signatures. This page brings you all the latest news, press releases and information on this sector.

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Novetta analyses Amazon face recognition solution 21 August 2017

Biometrics testing firm Novetta has released a whitepaper analysing the performance of Amazon Rekognition, Amazon's machine learning-based face recognition service. 

Is Apple targeting authorities with Touch ID disabling feature? 21 August 2017

Government authorities that want to access a citizen's iPhone will find it harder thanks to a new feature in iOS 11.

Baidu developing driverless cars with face recognition 16 August 2017

Chinese web services giant Baidu wants to develop cars which use biometrics to personalise everything about the driving experience.

Face recognition cameras to be installed at Prague airport 26 July 2017

Senior officials have confirmed that face recognition cameras will be installed at Prague's Václav Havel Airport. 


Feature: Smartphone security – It’s all in the eyes

Iris scanners are increasingly becoming a key focus for mobile device manufacturers as they look for that convenient and secure method to make sure users can keep their devices protected. 

Blog: A guide for banks in choosing biometric systems

Banks must consider factors such as performance, usability, regulation and security when selecting biometric solutions.

Feature: Biometrics for high-value services: Opportunities, obstacles and breakthroughs

The switch to biometric authentication, overwhelmingly supported by users who appreciate its speed and ease of use, is a real game-changer that should not be taken lightly.

Mobile identity and wearables: You are what you wear

Traditional single factor or multi-factor authentication solutions are neither convenient nor secure enough in a world where common authentication methods are needed across a wide range of endpoint devices. 

Samsung mounts biometric offensive on Apple with S6 sensor, Samsung Pay

The Samsung Galaxy S6’s fingerprint sensor has been singled out for praise by tech critics – especially over its swipe-based predecessor.

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