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With more than 140 large scale installations in over 70 countries DERMALOG is the leading German biometrics manufacturer offering the latest in biometric technologies. As the major pioneer in fingerprint biometrics DERMALOG has won several international awards and tests such as the biennial German Foreign Trade Prize in 2013, which is among others awarded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Furthermore, consultancy Frost & Sullivan honored us with a „Customer Value Enhancement Award“ for our biometric border control system.

One of the decisive factors in awarding DERMALOG was the performance of its new biometric border control system. It operates particularly fast and efficiently in the most reliable manner thanks to high-end components fulfilling all specific customer requirements.

AFIS – our Automated Fingerprint Identification System – with the worldʼs fastest AFIS coding and matching guarantees the best performance in recognition rates. DERMALOG AFIS succeeds to compare more than 129 million fingerprints per second without any loss of accuracy. Thereby it holds the world record in fingerprint matching in both speed and accuracy (as certified by SGS).

DERMALOGʼs fingerprint scanners have won the international liveness detection competition LivDet 2013, ensuring that fake fingerprints and spoofs are automatically detected and prevented. All biometric systems of DERMALOG are fully certified according to international standards and meet the highest and latest certifications regarding security and quality.
DERMALOG is a member of Teletrust and IT Security Made in Germany.

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DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH

Mittelweg 120, 20148 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)40 413227 0

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