3M Cogent

3M Cogent, a fully owned subsidiary of 3M Company, has delivered the fastest, most accurate, and most sophisticated yet reliable biometric identification solutions to governments, law enforcement agencies and commercial customers worldwide.

3M Cogent provides first class Automated Biometric Identification Systems, identity management solutions, and biometric access control products for the capture and identification of different biometrics modalities: fingerprint, palm print, latent print, face and iris.



3M Cogent deploys powerful biometric technology used by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security US-VISIT program, the Venezuela Voter Authentication System, and the European Union’s EURODAC. 3M Cogent Mobile ID solutions are being deployed by over 60 law enforcement agencies in California, 28 police forces in UK, among other agencies worldwide.

Our civil systems are built with the same architecture, availability, accuracy, and standards compliance that are applied to law enforcement and forensic systems.

Employing technology based on over 20 years of advanced research and development, 3M Cogent achieves industry-leading field-proven accuracy rates while maintaining rapid response times.

Our systems are backward-compatible with earlier versions, interoperable with a variety of industry-standard software and hardware platforms, and able to scale linearly in performance to meet customers’ evolving needs. 3M Cogent's solutions also reduce operational costs by providing advanced automation to increase staff productivity.

3M Cogent has established a reputation for successful deployment of biometric identification systems and identity management solutions that allow for real-time identification of individuals in a wide variety of applications, including: voting, asylum seekers, citizen benefits, identity credentialing, driver licenses, law enforcement, criminal investigations, border security, and others.

3M Cogent sets the standards for growth, scalability, new technology innovation, and, most importantly, investment protection for our customers.

Company Brochures

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